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See JFTR for reimbursable items, limitations, and payment procedures. The claimant prepares an SFClaim for Reimbursement for Expenditure on Official Business, and puts the following statement on the voucher: An employee who is required to serve as a notary public in connection with the performance of official duties is entitled to repayment of the expenses incurred in Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e a notarial commission as authorized by 5 U.

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For personnel traveling on official orders in connection with FMS, payment for the use of contract quarters will be on a reimbursable basis. Individuals enrolled in approved correspondence Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e may be reimbursed for course costs prior to course completion.

Authorized necessary expenses such as tuition and matriculation fees, library and laboratory services, and other services or facilities directly related to training are reimbursable 39 Comp Gen The claim will be submitted to the appropriate official for approval, insertion of the chargeable accounting data, and execution of the certificate approving the amount payable.

Payment for the examination will be processed in the same manner as other contractor invoices. See appropriate DoD Component regulation.

Reimbursements are authorized to members of the Civil Air Patrol Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e fuel and lubricants aviation and automotive and necessary communications bills used in DoD authorized missions Passports and Visas. Reimburse DIS agents for investigative costs, such as parking fees, police and court record checks, transcripts, photographs, or miscellaneous investigative fees.

However, they can be reimbursed if the underlying expense was authorized, if the transaction would have met the criteria for ratification or quantum meruit had the contractor not been paid, and if failure Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e act would have resulted in disruption of the program or activity involved.

Payments for secondary expenses may be assigned to a mortuary or made, as reimbursements of expenses incurred, directly to the individual.

Reimbursement may not be made for professional association dues and other expenses not essential to performance of notarial services. Documents supporting the certified vouchers must show goods or services were received and essential 33 Comp Gen 20 The deputy disbursing officer of the Naval Supply Center, Norfolk, located at the Navy Material Transportation Office, Building Z, Naval Station, Norfolk, VAis designated to pay all claims of Navy personnel for reimbursement of costs of shipment of household goods under permanent change of station orders or shipment authorized under temporary additional duty orders.

Claims will be made on an SF signed by the claimant and approved by an authorized certifying officer. There was an unforeseen and urgent reason to spend my funds, and I have not received credit or payments. These payments, whether assigned or not, should be expedited and not delayed.

Fees paid by award nominees and award recipients and their supervisors and managers for attendance at ceremonies that fall within the scope of the incentives awards act may be reimbursed for civilian personnel see Comp Gen B Oct 9,and for military personnel see 10 U.

The voucher must be approved by proper authority. If this procedure is not utilized and the employee makes his or her own arrangements including direct payment for the physical examination, he or she may submit a claim for reimbursement.

C The expenses that may be reimbursed are the cost of seals, embossing devices, recording and filing fees, and surety bonds required for notaries by state laws.

Primary expenses for active duty military can be provided under contract with a local mortuary. Such authority is attached to each appointment order Board and Room for Dependent Children. The SF will bear a statement that the notary commission is required in the performance of official duties.

Reimbursement may be made for official packing, crating, hauling and transportation of household goods or government property between two points abroad Household Goods Services A. The claim will be supported by a certified copy of the document requesting the person to perform the duty.

The cost of authorized civilian medical and dental treatment ordinarily is paid directly to doctors and hospitals by each Military Service. These contracts are normally covered by the Prompt Payment Act and paid as such.

Claims of Navy civilian personnel involving circumstances that create reasonable doubt as to entitlement will be forwarded to the Navy Material Transportation Office CodeNaval Station, Building Z, Norfolk, VA Reimbursement claims of employees and new appointees transferred to, from, and between points outside continental U.

The appropriation chargeable will Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e the operating funds of the DoD activity requiring the physical examination Reimbursement for Notary Public Expenditures.

Instructions concerning the administration of civilian non-federal medical and dental care for dependents and retired personnel are published in the current series of DoD R. The SF is supported by a certificate of performance, which is a receipt covering the actual payment of board and room.

Payment should be made upon completion of the examination. The fees may cover items 6 such as a meal or refreshments, plaques, and awards. Advance payments are not authorized. Claims for civilian personnel of other DoD Components will be paid by their servicing disbursing office Awards Ceremony Fees.

Executive Summary Organizational Profile Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was created on March 15, Providing healthcare services for the service members of the United States military began back in when Congress created “programs for disability compensation, insurance for servicepersons and veterans, and vocational rehabilitation.

Department of Veterans Affairs Waiver of DebtsMay Volume XII Chapter 1BVA Financial Policies and Procedures Waiver of Debts CHAPTER 1B OVERVIEW /4(36). Executive Summary Organizational Profile Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was created on March 15, Providing healthcare services for the service members of the United States military began back in when Congress created “programs for disability compensation, insurance for servicepersons and veterans, and vocational rehabilitation.

Back to Volume XIII Chapter 2, Budget Object Codes. TABLE OF CONTENTS VA FINANCIAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES VOLUME XIII CHAPTER 2 - BUDGET OBJECT CODES. DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 35 *June DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 35 *June TABLE OF CONTENTS SEPARATION PAYMENTS From Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Disability Compensation.

The VA will not deny an individual benefits for refusing to provide his or her SSN unless the disclosure of the SSN is required by a Federal Statute of law in effect prior to January 1,and still in effect. The requested information is considered relevant and necessary to determine maximum benefits under the law.

Va financialpolicyvolumexiichapter01e
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