Using smart board technology in education

No matter the grade level or subject, Gardner's theory can have a profound impact on teachers and students. During his time on the Huntington School Board, Mr. I think it does. Unfortunately, there is not much out there yet on the ninth intelligence, the existentialist intelligence.

It also means that the city has a smarter energy infrastructure. Eric Oddleifson presents a nice case for M. Quality of life According to David K.

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The boards do not use chalk or markers which can be messy -- you only use your finger or a special pen. Cisco, launched the Global Intelligent Urbanization initiative [75] to help cities using the network as the fourth utility for integrated city management, better quality of life for citizens, and economic development.

And it couldn't have happened at a more important moment in our history.

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Activities might include current readings on topics in the field, or activities that students can do. If administrators cannot appreciate the scope of what is involved, how can they be expected to value the technology and align it with the curriculum.

The database capabilities of Excel allow easy sorting and classifying of information. Virtual manipulatives on the interactive whiteboard: This collaborative learning differs from instruction in which the instructor is the principal source of knowledge and skills.

Do you have Smart technology in your classroom. A student I know created "Millionaire Muslim Style," using a popular game show format to present facts about the Muslim religion.

These are just a few of many websites that can be used. The importance of these three different dimensions consist that only a link, correlation among them make possible a development of a real concept of Smart City.

Millions of teachers are adopting Howard Gardner's view of children and learning -- and many of those teachers are finding helpful M. How many teachers require their students to write.

She is currently the director of the pre-school program at St. He has enjoyed a long association with the district. Since behaviorism consists of the view of teaching people how to do something with rewards and punishments, it is related to training people.

Linear learning[ edit ] Computer-based training CBT refers to self-paced learning activities delivered on a computer or handheld device such as a tablet or smartphone. Social infrastructures, like for instance intellectual and social capital are indispensable factors to build a city that is smart according to the human framework.

Computer-based training is conceptually similar to web-based training WBT which are delivered via Internet using a web browser. A daughter is a college freshman. Puzzlemaker can be used by teachers and students alike to develop crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, cryptograms, and more based on curriculum vocabulary and concepts.

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Asynchronous learning is beneficial for students who have health problems or who have child care responsibilities. Save your document as a PDF. Closed captions are available. For this reason, CBT is often used to teach static processes, such as using software or completing mathematical equations.

She is particularly passionate about public school education and believes the learning experience offered to Huntington students should be among the finest in the nation. Video technology [77] has included VHS tapes and DVDsas well as on-demand and synchronous methods with digital video via server or web-based options such as streamed video from YouTubeTeacher TubeSkypeAdobe Connectand webcams.

Audio file for the November 13, BOE meeting. Xavier Palacios, Trustee board hufsd. Students have access to an incredible variety of enrichment courses in online learning, and can participate in college courses, internships, sports, or work and still graduate with their class.

Welcome to the Peralta Community College Information Technology Web site. In an effort to improve customer service we have created this website. Standards of Learning (SOL) & Testing Using Statewide SOL Test Results to Guide Instruction.

Statewide results on mathematics and reading SOL tests were analyzed to determine specific content for which overall student performance was weak or.

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans have all soured on the role of social media. The following posting is written by David Moss. David was an elementary teacher who is working on his master's degree in mathematics education.

He is interested in finding ways to effectively support students to learn math by integrating technology. (Note- Scroll down to bottom of the page for additional links and resources). Technology is.

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Education technology. Specific areas, research, teacher knowledge, student knowledge, BYOT.

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Multiple Intelligences: It's Not How Smart You Are, It's How You're Smart! Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory has asked educators to take a fresh look .

Using smart board technology in education
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