Hunter v moss

This may mean that Hunter v Moss is precedent because it was resolved in the C of A whereas Goldcorp was decided in the Privy Council and can only be deemed a persuasive authority.

Hunter V Moss Criticisms

Louisa decision of the Supreme Court of Minnesota where it was held that there was no need for segregation in such a situation.

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The rationale for this controversial decision was that it would have made no difference which 50 shares would have been given because they were all identical.

CASE STUDY: Hunter v Moss__1994

Tangible property could be subject to the same rules. Veteran actor Bradley Whitford was also there looking dapper as ever.

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The problem was that these bottles were not individually identifiable, and Oliver J held that: He contended that it is generally not possible to create a trust of part only of property, which is all mixed together until that part has been in some way segregated and identified from it and made distinguishable from the remainder.

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The property must be identifiable otherwise the courts would not know which property is to be distributed to the beneficiaries. Significantly, he said nothing involving the other shares he owned.

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If a trust fund is not segregated then there will be no certainty of subject matter and the trust will fail. The tracing mechanism mentioned by Martin acts as a brilliant remedy for the beneficiary hunter which means there is no need for the separation of property even with an inter vivos trust, however, one can now argue now that if this tracing mechanism works, it should also work where the courts are dealing with tangible property.

Louis, a decision of the Supreme Court of Minnesota where it was held that there was no need for segregation in such a situation. The reaction to Hunter v Moss has been mixed Alistair Hudson says that “Hunter v Moss is concerned with achieving justice between the parties”.

Because Goldcorp concerned the allocation of property whereas HAUNTER V Moss the court was concerned with preventing the employer from benefiting from a breach of contract. Explain the case of Hunter v. Moss. (5m) HUNTER v. MOSS - [] 1 WLR & [] 1 WLR FACTS The defendant, Mr.

Moss was the founder of Moss Electrical Co Ltd and was the registered holder of shares in the company with an issued share capital of 1, shares, and one day he said to Hunter,the finance director that he could have 5% (i.e.

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Certainty of subject matter and the critcisms of hunter v moss When creating an express trust knight and knight articulated that there must be certainty of subject matter, certainty of. HUNTER V MOSS (UNDER CERTAINTY OF SUBJECT MATTER) English Law is of intermediate (intangible) securities is built almost entirely on the dubious authority of the court of Appeal’s decision in Hunter v.

Moss. In Hunter v Moss the defendant was the registered holder of shares in a company with an issued share capital of 1, shares. Hunter v Moss [] 1 WLR is an English trusts law case from the Court of Appeal concerning the certainty of subject matter necessary to form a trust.

Moss promised Hunter 50 shares in his company as part of an employment contract, but failed to provide degisiktatlar.comripts: Full text of judgment.

Number C39: Utopia Ray V

The degree of certainty of subject matter required for trusts of intangible assets is different to that which is required of trust of tangible assets.

The major case is Hunter v Moss where Mr Hunter was entitled, under his contract of employment with Mr Moss, to claim .

Hunter v moss
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